The Advantages of Adding Custom Rims to Your Vehicle

By September 23, 2018 Rims

As many know Wheels or Rims are the round metal body that holds your tires and air together. The wheel is a crucial component in how your vehicle rides and holds air. This being said they are also a large focal point so they come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes giving your vehicle a broad variety to chose from. This leads to a potential question though, If your wheels are in good condition and hold air just fine, why worry about changing it to a custom rim? Why add more to do to a vehicle you just purchased? We have a few reasons why you may want to consider it.

Tire options:

Many truck and SUV owners want to improve off-road handling, and performance. A great way to do this is by installing new wider wheels that can help you find a more appropriate tire size for your particular vehicle goals. Also, by changing Wheel size out sometimes to a more common size of wheel you find yourself with many more tire options of which often come in more inexpensive than less common size options. Many on road or sports cars also find changing Rims can improve tire options that help them better stick to the road especially in tight corners. Wheels can significantly reduce your Vehicles rotational mass and improve handling by simply changing them out.

Increase Curb appeal and car value:

A vehicle with custom wheels tends to draw many more eyes than a vehicle without them. This tends to provide a vehicle that is easier to sell when the time comes, more views means a higher chance of a sale. This also provides a margin for a higher sale price. When it comes to selling your vehicle, any extra dollar helps and any way to get more views is always appreciated. Making your vehicle an eye catcher will almost always benefit you whether you’re trying to sell the vehicle on the open market or just wanting to drive a better-looking vehicle.


Many rims are designed for improving handling characteristics. Certain wheels can reduce the weight , or improve grip of the tire to the rim itself , so depending on what your vehicles needs are sometimes a new set of rims are the best first step to improving your vehicles performance. When it comes to rotational mass, the best place to remove some load on your vehicle is where the engine spins, the wheels.


The main reason people tend to change out the factory rims on vehicles is to simply improve the looks of a vehicle and inject a little bit of self-expression into their vehicle. A new set of rims will help you differentiate your vehicle from the rest of the pack and stand out. Especially when your vehicle is around others of the same model and make. This is also part of the fun of adding new wheels, the exploration of styles and choices helps to make the vehicle feel more like your own.


Adding new wheels to your vehicle is not as costly as it may seem. For many vehicles its one of the most affordable options as it offers the most improvement and visible change to a vehicle for usually under one thousand dollars. This of course is an average and can vary from style and vehicle but gives a rough baseline. On top of the new rims tires then become an option for you and doing wheel and tire combos can be an incredibly beneficial upgrade for an affordable cost. On top of being affordable financing options are available to make the purchase even easier and seamless, If you are looking to do a set of custom wheels in Tucson, AZ or Phoenix, come on down to Vibrance Automotive where a specialist can sit and help you find an option that will work best for you and then discuss convenient payment options to get it don’t perfectly for your vehicle.