LED Headlights: The Latest Trend You Must Follow

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Last when you have observed the headlights of the cars running on the roads? If you have seen them recently you must notice the change in their headlights. Let me tell a something more about this change. A research shows that almost every vehicle is installed with the new LED headlights which are much brighter and better looking than ever. These LED headlights have already taken the place of the old weak halogen bulbs and becoming an ultimate choice for choosing car headlights.

If you compare LED to the old headlight, then you will find they are superior in each and every single way. LED headlights not only produce more radiance, it also gives three times more beam of rays than the halogen bulbs. They consume at least 35% less current that other bulbs which saves your money too.

Let me tell you what more offers LED headlights have to give you.

  • They are famous for producing a high intensity beam which is brighter than all the other bulbs.
  • They improve the exterior of your vehicle and make it look stylish
  • You can choose from a variety of colors and sizes.
  • LED headlights will give you more lifetime than any other bulbs.
  • You don’t need any technical assistance from the experts to install them.
  • Best quality products at a low price considering the lifetime.

So, to get along with the latest trend, why not experience LED headlights for once. I am sure, you would love these.


The Advantage of LED Lighting for Automobiles

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Since the beginning of the automobile, the lighting is in perpetual evolution. In recent years new technologies have emerged. The first xenons were marketed in 1991 on the BMW 7 series while the Led arrived in 2004 and the first to market them on a series model will be Audi on its R8.

In recent years, led lights have appeared on board vehicles. We propose you to discover through this article, the advantages as well as the utility of these luminous leds.

The Advantages of LED Headlights 

Know that today, if many vehicles are equipped with these types of lighting, it is thanks to the Audi car brand that began to introduce this technology for daytime running lights. Indeed, LED-based lights are very powerful and their light can be seen even in daylight. And yes, leds are not just gadgets for keychains .

Unlike traditional bulbs, LED lamps have a longer life and are faster on ignition. They also allow car manufacturers to offer more design-friendly headlight optics while maintaining powerful and consistent lighting. Something that was impossible with the bulbs of yesteryear.

LED Lights for Cars 

From now on, all the bulbs of a car can be replaced by led lighting. In addition to the headlights in the front of your car, you can also opt for a led lighting system instead of the rear lights. However, make sure you choose a model approved in France before buying your leds kit. Indeed, there are colorful versions but it is of course forbidden to use them on the road.

You can also replace the bulbs inside your car with led lights that will provide you with a better source of light. There are LED models for ceiling lights, glove boxes or your trunk.


If you are looking for a leds kit for your vehicle, you will find either in your car center or on Internet sites specializing in the sale of led lights.

Finally LED-based lighting has appeared recently and may well develop in the future, taking precedence over the other two systems. Led lighting energy demand is much more limited compared to a conventional system and therefore its life is even longer than a xenon. That’s why the LEDs are found on electric vehicles where the hunt for energy saving is queen. Given its small size, it can equip many models and be adjusted to create shapes like the Audi in particular.


LED Headlights

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The importance of front lights for cars, trucks and buses to all road users cannot be overemphasized. For many years, all these vehicles are equipped with round or rectangular front optical blocks, with a classic design.

But new perspectives are now opening with the arrival of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) to equip the headlights.

LED lights (Light Emitting Diode) are very recent in the automotive market, their first use dates back to 3, 4 years. LED headlights are of course more powerful than xenon bulbs but more pleasant for the eyes, they are less likely to dazzle. LEDs have the particularity of having a very low energy consumption compared to xenon bulbs, so they are very often used for electric cars.

LED lighting in cars is refreshing, attractive and pleasant and gives an attractive contemporary touch. The light suited to you as the driver of the car. Whether you are young or older, a man or a woman – thanks to LEDs, everyone can design a personalized lighting atmosphere in their own car.

One of LEDs distinctions is their small size, LEDs, which can easily be assembled, allow car manufacturers to create new shapes, new design to the headlights, which bring a touch of singularity to cars that have them. However, the use of LEDs at the automotive level remains complex: LEDs tend to heat up when they are running, which can ignite other elements. Initially, they were only used for turn signals and brake lights. We find them recently applied to the headlights of some cars (especially on Audi).

LEDs have found their first applications as (third) brake light as well as to equip the turn signals; recently, they are seen more and more often as daytime fires and in the future, they will be more numerous to ensure the full lighting of vehicles.

How Does it Work?

It consists of two elements made of semiconductor material (silicon) that produce light when a current passes through them. A considerable mass of light photons is emitted even if the production current is relatively low. LEDs are therefore low in energy consumption; moreover, they are so small that we speak of a point light source. The scattered light is actually concentrated or focused by a lens that is part of the LED itself: it is no longer necessary to have reflectors and frames.

In conclusion, historically, the main goal of led headlights or led lighting is to illuminate the road. With cars going faster and faster, it is important to see well ahead, even at speeds over 100 km/h. Whether at night or under extreme conditions, it is necessary to illuminate the farthest and the strongest possible without dazzling oncoming motorists. This is the dilemma that companies today must resolve if they want to stand out.



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Led Lighting are used to better see and be seen. But they are also a powerful tool for designers and automotive marketers, suggesting both elegance and technological sophistication. Manufacturers have understood this well and are multiplying innovations in this field, as much to improve active safety as to invent new languages ​​in terms of automotive style.

Two Led headlights and a grille, like two eyes and a mouth. Eyes that can be laughing or threatening, an amused mouth or the opposite grimace. For many years, automotive designers have used these essential elements to give personality to their creations, in a context of fierce competition and technical solutions that tend towards a certain uniformity of the style of modern cars.

Fortunately, a new lighting technology was ready to land: the LEDs Lighting. Clearly less energy-consuming than light bulbs (halogen or discharge), the LEDs Lighting were all suitable for use as daylighting. Some manufacturers, Audi in mind, have gone to great lengths using LED garlands as a visual signature of their models, instantly recognizable day and night. So today, even humble citizens enjoy their “whiskers” bright. Premium brands must therefore find other ways to distinguish themselves.

They have already begun by extending the LEDs to all lighting functions. The current Mercedes S-Class will thus remain in history as the first car to be totally devoid of conventional light bulbs, since it uses LEDs as sole source of light, from ceiling lights to high beams. The more adventurous have even tried the solution of laser headlights, where conventional diodes are replaced by units emitting an ultra-bright laser beam. For cost reasons, however, the laser headlights remain anecdotal: only the Audi R8 and the BMW i8 can receive them. And these options are still expensive: almost 4,000 € for the Audi and 6,500 € for the BMW!

But the next revolution in automotive lighting will undoubtedly come from OLED technology. OLED diodes (for “organic light-emitting diode”) are already used for mobile phones and some flat screen televisions. By their appearance, they differ radically from conventional LED diodes: they consist of a superposition of seven layers, two of which serve as electrodes. Direct current is sent from the cathode to the anode through a light emitting layer. OLED diodes are ultrafine (a few micrometers thick), emit a coherent light all over their surface, and are even flexible!

Clearly, OLED technology opens up a whole new field of exploration for designers, who can imagine three-dimensional effects, or even cover all or part of the body of OLED diodes for a spectacular visual impression. The classic door handles could for example be replaced by tactile areas materialized by light guides on the surface of the bodywork. In short, everything is possible! The first applications of OLED lighting in large series should not be long, and Audi may well be the first to open hostilities. We bet that after the vogue of 2005 “whiskers” LED, ultra-complex lights OLED will be the big fashion of 2020!

10 Reasons Why You Should Swap Your Car Headlight to LED’s

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There is no doubt that LED headlights are on the rise. A research shows that motoring commentators expect that a lots of numbers vehicles will sport LED’s into near future. Manufacturers and car owner are also like this trendy yet cheap lighting option for their cars. To get a better motoring experience, one must switch to LED highlights and here is 10 reasons that will help you to understand why you should swap.

Easy Installing System:

LED headlights kits are very easy to install. It requires no mechanic or any experienced person to hire. You can absolutely do it by yourself. You will need minimal tools to install the lights. It takes highest 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete the task. So as you see, this lighting system won’t cost you anything to install and save your time too.. Our lighting kits come with full installation instructions to guide you in step by step installing. But if you think you need a little help or out of time because of busy schedule, then any motor mechanic can install these for you at a low rate.

Trouble Free Maintaining:

Unlike other bulbs like halogen, LED headlights are solid state and capable to last for many years. You don’t need to replace them from time to time. At 50% solid use, the lifetime of LED headlights is up to 22 years. If you switching to LED lights now, you definitely make a good investment in your car lighting. LED headlights are cheaper in long run if you compare the cost directly.

No Need To Replace Bulbs:

It is a great advantage that LED headlights need no replacement. If saves your money as well as effort and time to switching out the headlights in a regular basis. There is absolutely no need for ongoing maintenance and who doesn’t love to get a hassle free car experience.

Efficient Lighting:

LED headlights are created with significantly greater efficiency than other blubs. For an example, where halogen bulbs waste 80% of their energy, LED lights waste only 20% in the process. This is very efficient and you can enjoy the benefit from stronger lighting with a lesser load on your alternator.


A typical halogen headlight can give you 5000 hours only where LED headlights can be used for 22 years at 50% activation. These lights are significantly more hardwearing and long lasting than any other bulbs.

Cheap Operating System:

You only need to change LED headlights when you change your car. These headlights will give you more lifecycle than any other bulbs. So they are very cheaper to buy and maintain. You are getting more effective lighting and also save some money.


LED headlights have the better quality than any other lights. Talking about our products, we always ensure good quality products. We never compromise with the quality therefore you get the best LED headlights.


LED headlights will give you much more penetrating, illuminating white light which is very safe for night time driving. If you are driving in a foggy road condition, these light will be safest for you rather than the dim yellow light of halogen.

Better Lighting:

LED headlight’s quality is better than other available halogens bulbs. LED produces a clearer, brighter quality of light. There is another facility of this lights that it illuminate more and blinds less to the road users. If you want to get the optimal lighting quality from you headlight, LED’s is the best option for you.

Need Less Fuel:

LED headlights are much more energy efficient than the halogen lights or other headlights, therefore they need very less amount of energy for this. As a net result, it improves your fuel efficiency which also saves your money.


So, these are some highlights of the advantages of using LED headlight. Once you start using it, I am sure you will experience more advantage of these. Check out the lights of our site and chose the best LED headlights for your car.