Special compatibility Stereos

With a phone market that is dominated now primarily by either Android or Apple devices, it has become increasingly popular and beneficial to find stereos that are directly compatible with your device. We at Vibrance Automotive will help you to find the correct stereo to suit your needs and give you the most value from your equipment.

Android Auto compatible stereo

Android Auto is the most common and prevalent of the stereos as they are compatible with almost any android phone and offer a simplified version of android that is much safer and convenient to use while driving. It provides a direct link from your phone to stereo and can make thing such as maps, and music streaming a lot easier to use. This also allows for a simpler setup since it uses your phones native 4g LTE connection instead of requiring a separate Wi-Fi connection for itself. To make things even better it allows your car to become a connected device and will allow for simplified versions of many of your phones built in features such as talk and text reminders all on your stereo unit, allowing you to hear your messages and reply to them using your voice, instead of looking down at your phone to text. Another strong advantage of Android Auto is that is has built in capabilities to use your factory steering wheel buttons to control portions of it, giving you one less reason to remove your hands from the wheel. With built in voice commands and the steering wheel controls. Using it is easier than ever and makes controlling your connected devices even easier.

Android Based Stereos

With Android Auto as a popular option, fully fleshed out Android units are now available as well! Think of it as having an android tablet built into your vehicles dashboard without the need for having to hook up your phone to it, simply signing in and using a mobile hotspot you have access to everything you would on a regular android device, and with phone pairing you can receive in coming calls through your cars system as well. Any music associated with an android account will also be synced and built into your vehicles new stereo system without any extra work.

Apple Play compatible stereos

Apple Play allows you to bring some of the best features that iPhone have to offer to your car without having to touch your phone. Apple play tries to bring in the simplicity of what is your iPhone to the car screen. With the ability to mirror many of the apps onto the car screen it makes navigating and using your phone as a driving tool much easier than many factory stereos, and many times easier than trying to use your phone while you drive. Simply plug your iPhone into the stereos USB port via its lightning port connector and all useful information will be displayed to you in a easy to read and manageable way, this is different from Android auto which uses a wireless connection many times. iPhone models 5 and up with iOS 9 and up are compatible for use and will allow you to receive phone calls, incoming text messages as well navigation all on your car’s stereo. New apps like Waze have become compatible as well as google maps and iCloud music services of all which can be controlled with your voice and cars built in steering wheel controls. Better yet, you can also talk to Siri to have the usual things you need taken care of without ever having to touch your phone or screen on the stereo. With a growing list of Apple Car Play apps emerging, it will make the most of your Apple connected device.

With so many new options in stereos coming out, ask one of our team memebers about how to make your next stereo as functional as can be!