Come visit our Dream Design Station, where you can sit with our experienced Dream Designers and work on building your Dream vehicle and see the results live with things like tires and rims before you make your purchase. With the help of our experienced team we can guide you through the creative process of designing your vehicle. Vibrance Automotive showroom centers have the technology to help you view live examples of what your vehicle will look like before you buy and rims and tires are the perfect place to start, from there , our Dream Designers will help you pick out other accessories and show you how other vehicles like yours have turned out , to help you make the most educated decision possible, while building your Dream ride! This is simply one of the innovations we are working on here at Vibrance Automotive to make your shopping experience parallel to none!

Step 1: We begin the Dream Design process by sitting down with you and doing a needs assessment, we want to get to know you, your vehicle and what you want your vehicle to ideally do and look like by the time we are done.

Step 2: Next we begin to make a list of design aspects that you have specified and want to make most immediate changes too and begin looking at options for you that will best suit what your end goals are.

Step 3: Then we start to do mock ups and comparisons of what your vehicle will look like with the options mentioned, we may show you digital renderings of your vehicle with the rims and tires you were looking for, or show you similar vehicles that have tried some of the options you were interested in. ultimately we will give you a very clear idea of what your vehicle will most likely look like after everything is said and done.

Step 4: We build you up a price list and discuss labor time, discuss ordering times if applicable and show you break downs and estimates of what everything can and will cost to make your Dream Design come true.

Step 5: We discuss the easiest method to complete the transaction and schedule an installation date and time to begin your vehicles transformation! With so many easy ways to pay we almost always have a solution to helping you close the gap between Dream Vehicle and owned vehicle! Our financing plans are incredibly easy to work with and make this the easiest step of the entire process, and if financing isn’t needed we accept all major forms of cards, as well as cash or checks.


The Dream Design Station is here to make your automotive build easy and straight forward so all you have to do is have an open mind, a creative touch and we will do the rest of it! All of this is only found at Vibrance Automotive show room locations, your first choice for all automotive needs.