Custom Exhaust System

When it comes to the way your car breathes air comes in and air comes out, that’s where your exhaust comes in. We offer full exhaust services as well as modifying your car’s existing exhaust set ups. We offer most major brands of aftermarket exhaust setups and are more than willing to get them installed for you. Exhaust modification is a fantastic upgrade for your vehicle if you want a bit of extra power or some extra rumble from your engine. Our trained specialists can help you decide what exhaust would benefit your vehicle the most, or simply help you keep your factory exhaust breathing healthy.

We carry most major brands and setups that can be installed on your truck, jeep muscle car or your sleeper! From Magnaflow, to Flowmaster, cherry bombs, Borla, Corsa, Walker, Gibson, aFe Power, Greddy, Thrush and many more!

Whether you want a Cat back setup or just adjusting or deleting resonators, changing out mufflers, a full kit, or something custom like built we have the technicians to get it done.

Exhaust setups can be a very important part of any build, it can be the difference between a vehicle that breathes well and one that can be holding back some extra power. If you want to be heard and noticed, or maybe you want to be quiet and rumble low we can help you figure out what you’re looking for and how to accomplish your exhaust goals. For many vehicles we can help you find pre-built kits that will easily install into your vehicle which will work as well as the OEM equipment and reduce on installation time due to the fact they pre-built to your vehicles dimensions and geometries. With less manufacturing to do, we are able to provide you a clean setup that requires less time to install and lower up-front costs to getting your perfect exhaust setup.

For vehicles that require customization, we can sit and design your setup to help get the goals you want, it may take a bit longer however it will be a unique system that only you will have and get to show off.

For customers that simply want to replace factory mufflers with aftermarket ones to change up tone or loudness, we can do so at well with minimal cost typically as opposed to doing a full custom set up. Then when it comes to custom resonators and deletions, these are also simple enough jobs we can help you with.

In some cases, muffler and exhaust work isn’t required and things like Active exhaust cut outs are warranted and can be installed to provide a louder more natural engine noise when desired and closed up when you want to sound like the factory exhaust was designed to sound. This is popular choice for people who want to keep OEM like specs on the vehicle but want to wake the vehicle up for weekend romps, or simple keep the vehicle drivable for long road trips.

No matter what your need, we have a solution to meet it!