Lift kits are a point of pride for many truck and SUV owners. Your vehicle is typically transformed into a whole new machine once you’ve had a lift put on your vehicle. Th road is driven with more command, the off-road trails don’t seem so challenging anymore and the world becomes your open road to explore! At Vibrance Automotive we know you need your vehicle to perform any time you’re driving and that’s why we sell some of the best suspension systems offered on the market today with the expertise to help you choose the best one for you and your needs! This is then backed up by our professional technicians who can install the desired lift system and make sure its set for whatever demanding environment you put it to the test with. Our customers love the way their vehicles look and ride when we are done installing their lift system. We are so proud of lift systems and installations that we provide after install care to ensure your lift system is performing optimally.

With every lift kit we do we like to do a proper needs assessment, where we sit with you and discuss what your goals are as a vehicle owner are. Do you want to off-road a lot, are you building a show vehicle? Do you want something that will simply be there when you need it but primarily roam around on the streets? These are all questions we take into consideration when looking into helping you pick a lift kit system. Once we have your needs established we look into what fits your budget. Once we are able to decide on a budget, we look into what payment works for you best? Do you want to pay out right? Do you want to use a payment plan? We have multiple payment options available to you to make your buying experience a breeze. From accepting all major credit and debit cards, to offering either 100 days same as cash plans which require no credit checks. To plans that offer 6, 12, even 18 months no interest on your purchase upon approved credit. We offer many ways to pay with the exception of trading for livestock (nowhere to put them)

Once we have decided on a lift, picked the best payment plan we go to install it which can take anywhere from, 3 hours to a day of actual work time. While we are working on it you can either wait in our lobby and enjoy snacks and beverages on us! Or take an uber home, or to a shopping center nearby!  Once the lift is ready we will show you the works that’s been done, have you sign off on it, explain any information you may need to know and send you on your way. In a few weeks or after a few hundred miles, we will have you come back in for post work check up to make sure everything has settled in and anything that requires tightening is tightened down! We make sure your vehicle is taken care of from start to finish and even afterwards.

We carry a variety of brands including: Pro comp, Icon, Rubicon Express, Rock Krawler, Skyjacker, Mopar, Fabtech, Rancho, Tuff country, Daystar, Bilstein and many more!