LED and HID lighting

If you struggle to see at night with the factory halogen lighting then LED and HID might be a viable option for upgrading to. LED and HID lights not only improve your visibility at night, but they also  make your vehicle more visible to other drivers at night and in adverse weather.We specialize in outfitting your vehicle with the proper lighting to improve its functionality. Lights that can be improved start at your headlights and can span to any bulb on the vehicle including your interior lights,  marker lights, turn signals, brake lights, fog lights and much more! For many older vehicles we even offer retrofit kits for vehicles that couldn’t normally accept upgraded, modern LED or HID lights We have staff to help you find out what options are best for you and how to get them properly installed on your vehicle to provide the optimal lighting set up.


Auxiliary lighting:

Auxiliary lighting has many purposes, anywhere from aesthetics, to improving night driving in on road and off road situations . we carry a variety of LED options, to help you accomplish your lighting needs. Light bars, spot lights, flood lights, auxiliary fog lighting, Daytime running lights (DRLs) and much more. We also have a qualified install team to help you get the lighting you need safely installed on your vehicle to provide years of safer night driving. Talk to a Vibrance Auto team member to help find you the proper lighting solution for your needs.


Lift and drop kits : Your vehicle’s ride height matters for a lot of reasons, some are purely aesthetic, some are for aerodynamics, some are for climbing over large obstacles and some are for just ease of access in and out of your vehicle. We specialize in lifting, dropping and even maintaining your vehicle’s ride height. Our lift kits can make your SUV, or truck handle and perform offroad alot better than stock, our drop ,or coil over kits can make your sports car or sedan corner better and improve handling. Our maintenance can make your factory stock vehicle ride and perform as good as the day you bought it. Our trained staff can help you pick out the right components for your needs, then help set up a time to get it properly installed by our certified technicians. We are a one stop shop when it comes to buying accessories and and getting them properly put on.