Your vehicles suspension system is tied to many other components like steering and wheel alignment. Taking your vehicle and hitting the trails can compromise some of these things and require re-adjustment. Whether you’ve had your vehicle lifted, or you’re riding stock height, our technicians can get your vehicle aligned and set back properly to ensure your vehicle rides like new. Upgrading and lifting your vehicles suspension can be the thing that makes your vehicle ride like a new truck or SUV, and what’s more exciting than that? Being able to tackle new challenges in your trusty ride is what were all about. We love helping our customers conquer new challenges and change the way their vehicle rides and feels

Suspension services are something we pride ourselves on since it can be a point of pride for some customers who like custom suspensions, or a point of comfort and livability for others. When it comes to up-keeping and maintaining your vehicles suspension system we like to make sure we take the right approach to keeping your suspension in line with the needs of your uses.

Lift Kits: For customers that want to improve the look of their vehicles we offer a variety of lift kits to help clear bigger obstacles or simply make their vehicles look meaner. From trucks and SUVs to even some passenger vehicles like Camaros that just want to stand out, we offer solutions to bring your vehicles ride height up to do things like fit bigger wheels and tires or just to get you sitting higher off the ground.

Leveling kits: customers that want to improve the look of their truck, Jeep, or SUV we offer leveling kits that can remove the factory rake forwards that most vehicles have. While this minimally lifts the vehicle up, it does make the vehicle sit flat and even improving the look of the vehicle overall which is a common look people go after. This upgrade is usually simple, low on being invasive in installation and low in cost.

Drop Kits: Some customer prefer to drop their vehicles ride heights so as to make them closer to the ground. We offer specialized system setups to help accomplish this goal. While some people may do it for tighter cornering, others may do it to simply change the way their vehicle sits and looks, no matter what your reason is we have something to help you do it.

Original suspension maintenance: To keep the original feel and look of a vehicle maintenance to the OEM or original equipment of the vehicle may be necessary. Like any other component on your vehicle the factory parts will wear out and will require maintenance and eventual replacement of parts to return it to factory like performance, we specialize in doing these sorts of repair and maintenance to keep you moving down the road in a car that feels brand new!

Original suspension comfort upgrades: For those who want to keep original like suspension but simply want to adjust some handling characteristics, we can upgrade certain components like the shocks or springs without changing ride height or look, these small changes can simply improve the way a car drives and feels while still retaining all factory equipment and no modification to the vehicle.