The Advantage of LED Lighting for Automobiles

By December 16, 2017 Informational

Since the beginning of the automobile, the lighting is in perpetual evolution. In recent years new technologies have emerged. The first xenons were marketed in 1991 on the BMW 7 series while the Led arrived in 2004 and the first to market them on a series model will be Audi on its R8.

In recent years, led lights have appeared on board vehicles. We propose you to discover through this article, the advantages as well as the utility of these luminous leds.

The Advantages of LED Headlights 

Know that today, if many vehicles are equipped with these types of lighting, it is thanks to the Audi car brand that began to introduce this technology for daytime running lights. Indeed, LED-based lights are very powerful and their light can be seen even in daylight. And yes, leds are not just gadgets for keychains .

Unlike traditional bulbs, LED lamps have a longer life and are faster on ignition. They also allow car manufacturers to offer more design-friendly headlight optics while maintaining powerful and consistent lighting. Something that was impossible with the bulbs of yesteryear.

LED Lights for Cars 

From now on, all the bulbs of a car can be replaced by led lighting. In addition to the headlights in the front of your car, you can also opt for a led lighting system instead of the rear lights. However, make sure you choose a model approved in France before buying your leds kit. Indeed, there are colorful versions but it is of course forbidden to use them on the road.

You can also replace the bulbs inside your car with led lights that will provide you with a better source of light. There are LED models for ceiling lights, glove boxes or your trunk.


If you are looking for a leds kit for your vehicle, you will find either in your car center or on Internet sites specializing in the sale of led lights.

Finally LED-based lighting has appeared recently and may well develop in the future, taking precedence over the other two systems. Led lighting energy demand is much more limited compared to a conventional system and therefore its life is even longer than a xenon. That’s why the LEDs are found on electric vehicles where the hunt for energy saving is queen. Given its small size, it can equip many models and be adjusted to create shapes like the Audi in particular.